Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who Wants To Go To Monterey?

For several years we have been having a great camp for our young people and our children. We named it "Freedom Week". Now this was not because of anything beyond the fact that the only dates available at Old Oak Ranch were July 4th Week. So, we call it "Freedom Week".
Well every year has been a great success and has blessed every church involved and we see a greater need for our congregations to have what we were seeing our youth and kids get at Freedom Week. So, we launched the idea of Freedom Week Family Camp.
By the way the sponsoring pastors are Pastor Bobo - Redding, CA, Pastor Domingues - Sanger, CA, Pastor Grayson - Concord, CA, Pastor Kasinger - Susanville, CA, Pastor Young - Elk Grove, CA and our church in San Jose, CA. There have been several other Pastors support this event in the past from as far away as Washington, Nevada and the distant land of So Cal.
So here are the details of what is going to happen July 1-8 of 2009 in Monterey, California.
July 1-3 is a simultaneous Adult Family Camp and Junior Camp ages 7-12. The JR. Camp speaker is Pastor Jerry McCool from Auburn, CA and he is awesome.
The Adult family camp is having some of the finest preachers and teachers in the apostolic movement. Pastor Rick Mayo, Pastor Rick Treece, Pastor B.J. Wilmoth, Pastor Larry Booker, Pastor N.J. Wilson and the illustrious Talmadge French who is one of the finest apostolic scholars of our time. July 6-8 is our Senior Camp and it is always a slam dunk. This year our night speaker is Pastor Doug White.
I am so excited for the church's that are involved in Freedom Week Family Camp. With all of the challenges that we are facing what a great way to deal with them by gathering together and hearing clear and certain messages and having deep moves of Gods Spirit that give direction and purpose.
That's whats on my mind...the future of our church and its family's. Make plans to be there and experience this monumental event in one of the most beautiful city's in the entire nation.
The future looks bright in Monterey.

Freedom Week 2009!

Welcome to Freedom Week Family Camp 2009!

Who wouldn't want to go to Monterey, California?

Green grass and great weather.


It feels like you are walking through a park.

Food Court.

New Golf Course behind the Fairgrounds.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eating "Crow"........ man, I hate to be wrong!!!!

Ok...this is hard for me to say...but, I was wrong.
I have been very critical of blogs and their authors for a variety of reasons, all of them I feel strongly about by the way.
But, I was wrong!
After spending the last few weeks randomly visiting the blog world it has occured to me that I have misunderstood the entire thing...well not all of it, but for certain I have misunderstood some of it.
You see, you are reading the blog of the biggest blog critic. I have even named my blog after my favorite descriptive word about bloggers. Narcissistic!
But, alas, I was wrong!
You see, I have been like the farmer standing beside his mule complaining about the "noisy contraption" his neighboring farmer was riding around on. At the same time lamenting the slow pace of his old mule. I have discovered that the world of blogs is a great place to have a voice. So, here I am in a "tractor" store purchasing a new John Deere Blog. Yep, I'm ready to make to speak.
It seems that with every voice in our world that there is no way of balancing things out. I read a catchy headline online tonight and it sealed my fate. If someone named Katy Perry can write a pop song about kissing a girl and liking it, and said song can be given the "favorite song of the summer" title. Well, its time for the world to hear my voice.
So, here is where I will speak my heart and mind.
I have a reason for this breakdown of my pride and the eating of my words. It is called "reason". There must be another voice of reason speaking out. I know, I know...there are many voices of reason out there. But we need more. The young people of my church and those connected need to hear another voice of reason.
Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!
By the way, crow is not a bad meal to eat if you season it with the right motives.