Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Shout-Out To Generation Now!

It is 8:25 am on Sunday morning and I am sitting at my desk preparing for today's services but I'm having trouble staying focused. I'm sitting here thinking about Revivalution Youth Ministries. That happens to be the name of our youth ministries here at First Church. Two things come to mind about this unique group of young people. 1. They know how important it is to have the Spirit of God flowing freely in a service. Whether it is a Friday night service or a Tuesday night service they want the anointed presence of God in the building. 2. They know what it takes to have a sustained spiritual harvest. We commonly refer to it as "revival". This morning at 7:30 am they were already gathering in the prayer room to prepare to go out and wake-up their bus routes so we can get the first Sunday School session started at 9am. Now without seeming nepotistic I am directly affected by this phenomenon by the fact that my son Seth (15) is amongst that group. It is primarily made up of young people 13-21 with a few more mature team captains to lead the way. So here is my thought: what a great group of young people, at their respective ages to have their hearts and heads in the right place is a great testimony to Generation Now! No they are not perfect and they still have problems with life and other things. But, considering where they are at this stage and where many of us were at this same age...I think I need to say something about them today.

That's what's on my mind!


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Wendy Wiggins said...

The young people are following the leadership of their pastor and youth pastor! The have fantastic role models! Thank you Bro. Shoemake for being a hero of faith to my boys! I am forever in your debt. :)

~Sis. Wendy Wiggins