Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everyone Needs an Anchor!

To say that these are trying times is an understatement. It seems that everything is shaking in our world today. The economy, politics, doctrine, families you name it and it seems less stable then...say one year ago. To some of us this was expected. To those that are looking through the lens of Gods word we understand that trouble will come as we approach the immanent return of Jesus Christ for His church. But expecting it and embracing it are two very different things! How things arrived at this point...I am not sure I understand entirely. That being aside we are still in this very challenging atmosphere and we must deal with it or become victims to it. I chose to deal with it and here is how I recommend "dealing" with it. Make sure that the anchor points in your life are secure. Anchor points are those things in life that will never change...I know that this may seem overly simplistic to some but why assume people know when you can make sure they understand. There are things in life that should never change like our doctrines. I am not a spokesperson for the world but I speak for myself so if you do not agree stop reading and log off! So what follows is my list of important things we should ensure are very secure in our lives and convictions.

1. God

2. Consistent prayer

3. A love for Gods word

4. Family

5. Our commitment to Gods work

6. Our passion to reach the world with this gospel

7. A fresh commitment to our home church

8. Staying faithful in finances to Gods kingdom (when the economy shakes our giving shouldn't)

9. Relationships with Gods family

10. Everything else!

When you think about it what things matter the most are only the eternal things. Houses, cars, savings, investment portfolios you name it. Those things are only temporal and will pass away like all other earthly things. So to borrow a cliche that best fits where we are,
"Keep the main thing the main thing!"
Thats what I'm thinking about!



Mallory's said...

Enjoy your blog. I must admit that your first blog reminds me of myself. I too have not had much love for bloggers until recently. I join you in realizing that we hear too much garbage and don't have nearly as many options to hear good things. Thanks for taking the time.

Lorraine Bertram said...

Great post!